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This is course is designed to guide you and prepare you for the Real world scenarios of Robotics. You will find all of the material , information , guidance and code in the course.

Before designing any robot we need to understand what functions robot needs to be performed. Functions are kind of manually triggered or Automated triggered. Automated Triggered functions requires Machine Learning training which is a part of Artificial Intelligence. In this Course only focus of manual functional requirements.

This Course is more focused on Following types of Hardware :

How to Connect – L298N to Arduino Mega 2560 / Uno Using Fritzing.

Connect 16-Channel 12 bit PWM/Servo Driver I2c Interface PCA 9685 to Arduino Mega 2560 / Uno.

Connect MG995 -180 Degree to Arduino Mega 2560 / Uno.

Connect HC-05 to Arduino Mega 2560 / Uno.

Control Linear Actuator using L298N Driver – Explained in Course.

Create Car 4WD using Arduino and Side Shaft Gear Motor 100 RPM -12V – 4 Pieces and Control using Android – Explained in Course.

After learning from  this Course you can create following types of Robots/ Devices.

1) Height-Adjustable Tables & Desks using Arduino and Control it using Bluetooth.

2) Car Arduino Powered with Left , Right , Backward and Forward and control using Android App via Bluetooth.

3) Create Pan Tilt Mechanism for Camera.

4) Blind Opener using Linear Actuator with Arduino and Android App.

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