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Trading is a difficult task! Do not get lured by influencers who are advertising trading as an easy money making sceme.

But does that mean you cannot become a profitable trader? OF COURSE YOU CAN!

Trading is just like any other skill that you need to learn in order to harnass it.

When a trader wins a trade, where do you think the profit comes from? The market does not give free-rewards to those traders. For every winning trade there is a losing trade on the other side. This means every time a trader wins, on the other side of the trade, someone loses. This also means that every time you lost your money on a trade, there was someone trading on the other side who profited from your loss.

Who are these traders who are winning on the other side against all your losing traders? How do these traders win even though you cannot seem to find a winning strategy? We will try to learn all that in this course.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy in the market.

Anyone who is flashing their holy-grail strategy that will 100% win in all trades is misleading you. The financial markets changes every day and every hour. You cannot have a strategy that is suitable in all those market conditions.

The markets will change when it wants to change. The market will not change to adapt to your strategy. You need to adapt according to the market and adjust your strategy based on it.

Every trader has a different strategy for different markets. If the market changes, those traders adapts to the market and modify their strategies. No matter what their strategies look like, all those strategies are based on the same fundamental principles and tools of the market that you will learn in this course.

In this course you will learn about:

  • How the market moves
  • Basics of candlestick, chart patterns, support and resistance, trendlines, technical indicators
  • Smart Money Concept (Supply and demand)
  • Basics of orderflow trading including Footprint chart, Bid-Ask profile, Delta
  • Basics of Auction Market Theory
  • Volume profile

You will learn how to create a profitable trading strategy using these tools and once you understand how these concepts work, you will then be able to create strategies that best suits your trading requirements.

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