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100 Days of Code : Python Advanced Levels 2022

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Note : This course requires basic knowledge of python and mathematics.

Have basic knowledge of python?

Take a further step to come out of your comfort zone and be able to solve any kind of Coding Challenge in python. Test your knowledge of python with our 100 advanced coding challenges designed for you.

What is this course all about?

This course is designed to clear all your concepts of Python with the help of coding exercises.

You will solve 100 Python challenges which will cover all concepts of Python from A to Z.

How you will start?

We will start our journey from medium levels and at the end of the course, you will master the technique to solve the hardest coding challenges in python programming.

This course will not only help you in learning python but will also build your logical and mathematical skills.

Best part?

You don’t need any kind of software to start coding. We have designed this course so that you can practice right here on Udemy’s inbuilt IDE. We will test your solution with our test cases which are written back-end of each coding exercise.

New to Python?

Practice and solving coding challenges is the best way to learn python. Self-learning is the most important part for Engineers, programmers, data scientists, and web developers.

We will also provide 24/7 help and technical support from the instructor.

Why should you join?

You may have a lot of theoretical knowledge of Python but you can only correct your syntax and build your logic by solving challenges with an output of your program right at the moment. It will not only build up your confidence but will also help you with a lot of interview questions.

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