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Mobile Photography for Beginners – Master Your Smartphone

Do you want to master your smartphone and learn how to capture breathtaking and professional looking photos?

Then you’ve come to right place!

In this course, I will be teaching you mobile photography in such a way that no matter what type of phone you have (Android or iOS), you will be able to follow along with ease.

Here are some of the things we will be covering in this course:

Basic Settings in Mobile Photography

Here we will going through all the important settings and modes you need to know in order to do mobile photography. We will cover things like how to hold your phone, focusing, exposure, field of view, different modes and settings, etc.

This part will make you understand your Smartphone completely and you will get really warmed up. More importantly, you will have all your fundamentals in place before we go towards the more challenging stuff.

Principles of Lighting and Composition

Here we will be learning about some important principles like harsh and soft light, rule of thirds, leading lines, filling the frame, digital zoom vs optical zoom, etc.

This part will make you understand what forms a beautiful photo and you will understand the artistic principles behind taking a photo.

Food and Product Photography

This will be part where will start taking more challenging shots. In this particular shoot we will doing a professional beverage shoot.

You will find that we will use all the principles and settings that we learned in the first two sections.

Macro Photography

In this section we will be learning how to use an external clip-on Macro lens to get some really professional and sharp looking Macro shots.

What you will see here is that the built-in Macro lens of the Smartphone just doesn’t do a good job as compared to the external lens.

Long Exposure Photography

A lot of people think that long exposure photography can only be done using a DSLR or a Mirrorless camera. But in this section you will be seeing that it can be done using the PRO MODE on your Smartphone where you get full control over settings like Shutter Speed and ISO.

We will be seeing how to get some creative long exposure shots like Light Painting and Light Trails.

Portrait Photography

In this section, we will be learning how to capture some great looking portraits using your mobile. We will be learning about how to use good lighting and also how to get a good background blur which isolates your subject well and makes for a distraction-free portrait.

Shooting and Editing Videos

In this section you will watch me do an entire video shoot using a very budget set-up. These videos can be used for social media platforms like Instagram Reels. I will also be showing you how to edit these videos using a free video editing app.

Editing Photos

In this section we will be learning how to edit the shots we have taken throughout this course using a free app called Snapseed.

As you can see this really is a one-stop course on how to master your Smartphone and take some amazing photos.

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