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اليوم واحد الكادو نقدر نقول عليه كنز عظيم،ايلا اتفلتو عفينا اخويا من السؤالات على الكورسات ها هنا ازيد من 200 كورس انقسمهم كل مرة نحط لكم 3 الاجزاء:

محتويات الكورسات ها هما مع روابط التحميل ديالهم ف ميغا،اللي عليك هو تختار الكورس اللي بغيتي و تدير ليهتحميل و خليه عندك

🔴محتويات الملفات


part 1

1:Learn flute basics

2:1 hour javascript

3:2021 complete pyomo bootcamp

4:2021 machine learning project course

5:2021professional MS Excel course

6:Top MS Excel

7:2021 top ms excel and templette

8:2021 ultimate guide to youtube channel

9:archive successful HR technologies

10:AD’s hacker 1.0 extreme advertise

11: adobe after effect

12:adobe illustrator cc 2020 for master

13:adobe photoshop cc 2020

14:adobe photoshop cc manipulation-retouching


part 2

1:adobe photoshop cc 2020 basics photos

2:adobe photoshop cc your complete project

3:adobe photoshop selections masters

4adobe premiere pro cc Essential video

5:adobe XD cc 2020

6:Aerobic tai chi workout

7:affiliate marketing

8:agile kanban.lanban for software

9:agile leadership

10: agile project management

10:aircraft structure

11:amazon FBA -how to find suppliers

12:anti-money laundering concepts

13:ARM Cortex

14:artificial intelligence (ai)and the future

15:artificial intelligence for civil engineering

16:automate your job

17: be an expert in English Grammar

18:become c++ Expert


udemy part 3

1:Cisco ccna 200-301 exam

2:combined Heat and power (chp)

3:communication skills

4:complete course in Autocad 2020

5:complete goal Achievement

6:complete goal setting course

7:complete guide to tailwind

8:complete Hypnosis weight loss course

9:complete ios bootcamp swift


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