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Create Your Own Professional Quality Affirmations At Home

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What you’ll learn

  • What affirmations are & how to use them
  • How to record affirmations
  • Equipment & software needed to create professional quality affirmations
  • How to use all the tools in ‘real time’ by following along with us
  • Basic recording at home for studio sound
  • Basic sound editing
  • Basic mixing of audios
  • Create different types of high quality recorded affirmations
  • A secret mindfulness tool!
  • A creative skill to add more revenue to your holistic practice
  • Use this same process to create voiceover & guided meditations!
  • How to create affirmations from scratch
  • How to use affirmations to help in personal development
  • How to heal holistically with affirmations
  • How to make affirmations and provide it as safe modality for yourself and others
  • How to remove subconscious blockages with your affirmations
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