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Premiere Pro Essentials – Beginning to Pro in No Time!

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hat you’ll learn

  • Learn the how to navigate the interface of Premiere Pro
  • Learn how to customize the interface of Premiere Pro
  • Learn how to import video, audio and still images
  • Learn how to organize your assets into Bins (folders)
  • Under the tools used in the Source Panel and Project Panel
  • Learn how to use In and Out points
  • Learn how to master the timeline and create Sequences
  • Learn how to use editing tools such as the Razor tool, Ripping, Rolling, Slipping and Sliding tool
  • Learn how to use Markers on your timeline and source panel
  • Unlinking audio from video and editing audio
  • How to adjust the speed of your video (fast and slow down)
  • Learn how to crop videos
  • Learn how to create Picture in Picture effect
  • Learn how to work with Titles and Text and Captions
  • Learn how to import still images and how make movies out of them using effects
  • Learn how to use Transitions
  • Learn how to use Effects on still images, including panning and zoom
  • Learn how to work with Subclips
  • Working with lighting including brightness, contrast, black and white effects, Color Correction (Lumetri Color),
  • Work with Masking and effects and color
  • Working with keyframe and movement of effects
  • Saving Effects Presets
  • Working with Adjustment Layers
  • Use the 3D Effects
  • Create a Blur Effects
  • Text 3D effect
  • Blending modes
  • Working with Green Screen
  • Text Clipping Mask
  • Adobe Stock and templates
  • Advanced Text Tools and title page options
  • Exporting your project

This course includes:

  • 7 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


Premiere Pro Training for all levels and industries!

This class covers it all, and can be used by all types of learners in all industries.

What will you learn?

· How to navigate the Premiere Pro interface and workspace

· How to customize and take ownership of the Premiere Pro workspace

· How to import all assets including video, audio, images and more

· How to organize all of your assets into folders and bins

· How to sort and add metadata to your assets in the project panel

· How to create and edit Sequences

· How to master the Timeline

· How to use in and out points to make better edits and be organized

· How to customize your buttons on the Source and Program panel

· How to use the Razor tool for clean and precise edits

· How to use the Ripple and Rolling tool

· How to use the Slip and Slide tool

· How to Crop your videos

· How to create a Picture in Picture effect

· How to adjust brightness and contrast

· How to Color Correct using the Color Lumetri which includes Hue, Saturation, Levels, Sharpening and more!

· How to adjust the speed and duration of the your clips

· How to add text, titles and captions

· How to apply and master Transitions

· How to import and work with still images

· How to work with Markers on the timeline and source panels

· How to create a Black and White video

· How to work with Masking effects

· How to work with the Blur effect

· How to work with Keyframes on your timeline and special effects

· How to create movement, and pan and zoom on your images and video

· How to blur out people

· How to use Blending Modes

· How to create a Text Clipping Mask

· How to use Green Screen

· How to export your videos

· And more!!!

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