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React Guide – Build a TicTacToe App using React Native!

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This course is up-to-date with React 18 (the most recent version of React Native)!

It was thoroughly recorded and edited to teach the latest version of React Native with all the core, current features you should know as an app developer!

This course is compressed into 2 hours, and at the end of it, you’ll create your first mobile App (tic tac toe App) using React Native.

React.js is THE most used JavaScript library you can utilize and comprehend these days to create modern, reactive user interfaces for the internet.

This course teaches you exactly how to create your first complete App from the ground up, step by step, by going through all the core basics required to create a successful app project successfully.

Just in case you are not sure about wanting to learn React and you’ve accidentally landed here because of an ad or “the algorithm,” – no problem: React Native is a tremendously important technology for a web developer, and in this course, I will also explain WHY it’s that important!

Welcome to “React Guide- Build the tic tac toe App using React Native.”

This course will introduce you to React.js in a practice-oriented path, using all the most current patterns and best techniques you need. You will discover the essential fundamentals, advanced concepts, and topics to create your first React Native App and make the leap toward becoming a React.js developer.

This is an excellent course because it covers ALL you need to do to become a React.js developer! And to develop your first App successfully just by watching the course.

Suppose you have no information about React Native or already have basic React understanding (not mandated but also not an issue). In that case, you will get lots of helpful tips and knowledge from completing this course!

This course aims to ensure that you feel comfortable working with React Native. You can apply for Freelance React jobs on Fiverr, use it to accomplish your projects, or enhance your customer portfolio as a React.js developer.

I decided to create this course – so that you can develop your first App with React in the easiest possible way!

What you’ll learn from this course?

  • A comprehensive intro to React Native(What is it, and why should you use it?)
  • All the core basics: How React Native operates, building components with React & building UI’s with React.
  • Components, props & dynamic data binding
  • Working with user events and states to create an interactive game application
  • Using built-in Hooks and making custom Hooks
  • How to debug React applications
  • Styling tic tac toe React App with “Styled Components” and “CSS Modules.”
  • Working with “Fragments” & “Portals” to create a game App
  • Class-based components and functional components
  • Handling forms and user input (including validation)
  • Using Redux & Redux Toolkit
  • Routing with React Native Router
  • Deploying React Apps
  • Implementing Authentication
  • Unit Tests
  • Adding Animations to the App
  • And so much more – check out the full course curriculum on this page!

This truly is the “React Guide- Build the tic tac toe App using React Native!” – promised!

And Finally.

You don’t need prior React Mastery to create an App!

This course requires zero knowledge! All you need is basic web development and JavaScript information(though the system even contains a brief JavaScript refresher to guarantee that we’re all on the same page!).

Check out the whole curriculum and the FREE preview videos and join the course risk-free, thanks to the Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee!

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