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Design of Characters for Video Games and Apps

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You will begin by getting to know Nicolás, his beginnings and his journey within illustration and videogame studies. Afterwards, he will share some of his greatest influences when designing.

You will make an analysis of semiotics and communication of memorable characters from animation and videogames, to then define the characteristics of the two characters that occupy the main roles within a story: the protagonist and the antagonist.

You will create the style guide for your story. You will start by translating your characters into geometric shapes, to define a clear formula to draw them. You will learn the technique to pose the different views and angles of your characters, to then define their strengths, limitations and a color palette.

To finish, you will finish shaping your style guide, organizing all your work and giving the final touches. Nicolás will give you advice and recommendations to build your portfolio and teach it to companies and potential clients.
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