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Becoming Amazon Seller Consultant • Complete Course [2023]

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Do you want to earn a high, full-time income by becoming a Consultant?

Are you looking for a comprehensive course that will teach you all you need to get your first job?

Then this Amazon Freelance Consultant course is for you!

With over 6 million Amazon active sellers, there has never been a better time to jump into the e-commerce giant as a consultant, with many sellers desperate for consultants to help them increase their sales.

Some sellers are willing to pay up to 100$/h for these services!

In this course, you will learn everything you need to become a full-time, professional Amazon Consultant.

What’s more, you will also learn how to get into contact with these sellers and how to convince them to hire you!

In this course, you will learn how to:

Become a structured, professional consultant by managing your tasks properly using Asana as a task-tracking software (or similar software) – (lectures 1- 4)

Understand the REAL way Amazon works for sellers (and any VA) , and how you can think like a seller (lecture 5)

Navigate Amazon Seller Central (main platform for sellers) to find everything you will use as an Amazon consultant – (lectures 6 – 7)

Write a professional customer service email reply for any customer enquiry, template included! (Top 3 requirement from hiring sellers!) (lectures 8 – 9)

Create and manage any product shipments from Seller Central (Top 5 req. from hiring sellers!) (lectures 10 – 11)

Manage all sponsored product ad campaigns from Advertising Console (Top 2 req. from hiring sellers!) (lectures 12 – 13)

Carry out in-depth keyword research to improve the visibility of any listing (Top 1 req. from hiring sellers!) (lectures 14 – 15)

Research promising new products – the way real successful sellers do it! (Top 4 req. from hiring sellers!) (lectures 16 – 17)

Write a converting copy for any listing part (title, bullets, pictures, etc.) with the secret writing method that all high-grade professionals use! – (lectures 18 – 19)

• Design and optimize any listing images to maximize value-perception and conversions – more sales, more value to you! – (lectures 20 – 21)

Export, process and manipulate any product and sales data from Amazon – a critical skill to upgrade your to a 100$+/h Amazon Consultant (Complete with real-life examples of data analysis tasks that I get in my own job!) – (lectures 22 – 31)

Navigate the “Help” section, contact seller support, browse seller forums and use search engines to find any information you need that isn’t already covered in this course (critical skill for any independent Consultant) – (lecture 32)

• Build your career long-term from right now to being an experienced Amazon Consultant with the highest full-time income you can make – (lecture 33)

Contact Amazon sellers directly with a powerful email that catches their attention and sells your skills like a businessman (easy template included) – (lecture 34)

Display and market your skills on top hiring platforms like Fiverr and Upwork – and how to outshine any other consultants listed there! – (lectures 35 – 36)

Strategize your position for social media and how you can leverage all platforms to cross-sell yourself on all of them – effectively snowballing your popularity on any platform you are on! – (lectures 37 – 38)

Easily design a proper CV that’s guaranteed to catch the eye of any potential client or seller – (lecture 39)

Ace your interviews by following time-tested preparation techniques to deal with any question – particularly if you have no experience – (lecture 40)

More tips and techniques to market yourself and price yourself competitively to gain and retain clients (lecture 41)

And more!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

• Do I need any experience before starting this course?

– None at all! A simple knowledge of how Amazon works from a buyer’s perspective is enough. Everything else will be explained.

Will I need to buy anything else to follow the course?

Not at all! While we will explore some of the most popular tools for the job that have pricing plans, you do not require to spend a single extra cent to complete the course – or to be successful.

Is the course more theoretical or practical?

– The course is designed to be a balanced mix of theory and practice. Each topic is divided into a theoretical lesson first, which explains the general philosophy and mindset that you need, followed by a practical tutorial with a follow-along screen recording, so you know exactly how to put that theory into practice.

That way, you can learn the topic fully, at your own pace.

Why should I follow this course instead of somebody else’s?

– I am a full-time Amazon E-Commerce Manager working in this business for almost five years now. I have helped companies sell millions of dollars’ worth of products, and worked with many consultants, both online and in-person. I know what Amazon sellers – your future employers – want from you. I know how they think and what they need before they choose to hire a consultant. Basically, because I am a seller myself!

I try to be a humble man, so I won’t say I am the ultimate expert on all things about selling on Amazon. That being said, I am a professional seller, and I know the core skills that you will need to get hired by people like me. What’s more, I will give you all the tips and tricks that only sellers know and other Amazon Consultants might not!

Udemy offers 30-day refund guarantee, so zero risk for you – you’ve only got new skills and a new job to gain!

Click on “Buy Now” and get ready for your new job!


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  • Anyone looking to make a high income easily as a consultant
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